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Merge Update

The major merge update is finally here! For the past couple weeks we have been working to bring you something very special. We have merged one of our old servers with Almyria Online to create a much more exciting experience.

'll notice many changes around Almyria, including adjusted rates, updated 10.98 sprites along with some more custom ones, client changes, new travel system, more quests along with revamped existing ones, a new rook area called Nortwatch with lots to explore, a completely revamped Enigma City and surrounding continent and much more!

't worry, many of your favorite locations still exist within this new continent. You just have to search to find them.

Come check out all the new content to explore and let us know what you think

Forge System Added

The forge update is finally here! With it brings lots of new options to enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some key features that come with this update:

- Sacrifice for Materials: Get rid of all your spare ability items! Now you can sacrifice them to obtain valuable forge materials.

- Material Tier Conversion: Take your materials and convert them to a higher tier, however the amount will be lesser than before.

- Item Augmentation: Utilize your collected materials to augment items with powerful abilities.

Look out for the new NPC located just outside the eastern gate of Enigma!

Tarpit Fortress Quest

With this new update we have added a new major quest called the Tarpit Fortress quest. This challenge will test the even the most seasoned of you, demanding both strength and strategic thinking to complete.

The Tarpit Fortress awaits on the island just off the coast of Enigma City
. Good luck, we hope you enjoy it.

Cooldown System

New cooldown system has been implemented. It will reflect the way current tibia behaves with cooldowns. Each spell has its own unique cooldown but also has a group cooldown as well.

For example
, the spell exori ico has a individual cooldown of 6 seconds and a group cooldown of 2 seconds. With this new system you will be able to cast another attack spell after 2 seconds and can more easily combo your spells.

Also earlier in the day we added majority of basic outfit addons
. Keep an eye out for npcs wearing your favorite addon, they may have a quest for you to do. Keep in mind a few of them are incomplete but over the next day or so it will be completed so start collecting!

Hope you enjoy the changes
, keep me updated on the new experiences with it and we can also discuss further changes.

New Client Changes

Completed and integrated the custom client bot. This bot is a bare bones bot to find a happy medium for all players. The functionalities include; anti-logout, auto attack trainer, mana training, eat food, and open auto loot config. All settings will be saved per player so don't worry about losing setup after relogging.

: Keep in mind, with this bot update the no logout area within trainers has been removed and you must use the bot to stay online.

, I have added a hotkey actions dropdown within the hotkey page, this includes extra functions to assign to hotkeys. These include; stop attacking, attack next in battle, attack prev in battle, and toggle wasd walking.

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