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[#6] 10 March 2024 (18:18) by Apollos - Cooldown System

New cooldown system has been implemented. It will reflect the way current tibia behaves with cooldowns. Each spell has its own unique cooldown but also has a group cooldown as well.

For example
, the spell exori ico has a individual cooldown of 6 seconds and a group cooldown of 2 seconds. With this new system you will be able to cast another attack spell after 2 seconds and can more easily combo your spells.

Also earlier in the day we added majority of basic outfit addons
. Keep an eye out for npcs wearing your favorite addon, they may have a quest for you to do. Keep in mind a few of them are incomplete but over the next day or so it will be completed so start collecting!

Hope you enjoy the changes
, keep me updated on the new experiences with it and we can also discuss further changes.

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